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Rate for 1000 PVA USA
1K-10K: $400 | 10K-20K: $400 | 20K+: $400 PVA USA
1K-10K: $200 | 10K-20K: $200 | 20K+: $200 PVA Global 2015
1K-10K: $950 | 10K-20K: $950 | 20K+: $950 PVA USA
1K-10K: $150 | 10K-20K: $150 | 20K+: $150 PVA
1K-10K: $130 | 10K-20K: $130 | 20K+: $130 Normal
1K-10K: $120 | 10K-20K: $120 | 20K+: $120 POP3
1K-10K: $90 | 10K-20K: $90 | 20K+: $90 POP3 Basic
1K-10K: $120 | 10K-20K: $120 | 20K+: $120 POP3
1K-10K: $60 | 10K-20K: $60 | 20K+: $60
1K-10K: $35 | 10K-20K: $35 | 20K+: $35 Mix
1K-10K: $30 | 10K-20K: $30 | 20K+: $30 EN
1K-10K: $9 | 10K-20K: $8.5 | 20K+: $8
1K-10K: $9 | 10K-20K: $9 | 20K+: $9 Mix
1K-10K: $9 | 10K-20K: $9 | 20K+: $9
Bulk GSA SER accounts can be used for GSA Search Engine Ranker. If you want to use your GSA SER copy in the most efficient way, you can buy accounts, upload them to the software and start gaining your backlinks. All accounts we offer on this page have POP3 access and can be used in GSA SER.

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August 16, 2022
A free account converter for Windows has just been uploaded. You can download it here


If you need any specific accounts/amounts, you're welcome to create a new ticket and specify what exactly you need.
Important: Limited guarantee is applied. Kindly be informed that there is no refund or replacement after 48 hours guarantee period

Our accounts cannot be used to send out e-mails

We have Zero Tolerance SPAM policy. Our accounts cannot be used to send out any e-mails. You assume full responsibility for anything you're doing with accounts after you purchase them.

Our accounts are 100% legal

All accounts offered through this website are 100% legal, which were registered manually or automatically with publicly available proxy services. We never sell stolen, illegal or compromised accounts.

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