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What is the difference between Twitter accounts you're selling?


As you can see, there are many types of Twitter accounts we can supply. Let's start with a brief description, so you could easier understand what you need.

Cheapest option for Twitter accounts is Twitter.com AOL. These accounts were confirmed by e-mail, however, e-mail accounts are already dead. So if you need access to e-mail, associated with account, you need to choose other accounts.

Twitter.com accounts include random mix of mail.ru, nokiamail.com and yandex.com e-mails with Twitter accounts registered.

Twitter.com UK accounts are yahoo-based, and e-mail access information is valid. This is the most convenient way to buy twitter accounts, if you don't need avatars ans other stuff.

Twitter.com+Avatar and Twitter.com Avatar UK are the same accounts, as I described in previous paragraph, the only difference is that these accounts are having avatars and look more realistic.

Twitter.com Profiled accounts have avatars, random theme and random description set. That's why they're more expensive.

Twitter.com <n> Plus accounts are looking like real Twitter accounts. These accounts are posting tweets, retweets, and have a number of followers. The more followers there are on these accounts, the better these accounts are. These are the most expensive accounts we have, however, it's worth the price to buy them.

Hope this will help you to make the right choice.



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