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What to do if I have any problems with accounts?


First of all, don't panic. We have been selling accounts for about 5 years and haven't got any unsolved problems yet. You will either get working accounts or your money back. There is no another solution.

In order to assist you in the most efficient way we need as many information about your purchase as you can provide. This includes the date of purchase, the type of accounts, and the detailed description of the problem you're having. If you have tried to use accounts, describe the way you used them. Did you use proxies or not? Have you logged in using the regular or mobile version of the site? This is very important for us as it helps to identify the problem and propose a solution.

We kindly ask you not to open Paypal disputes. This does not speed up the solution of the problem. More than that, if our Paypal account will be limited, you will never receive your money back since we won't be able to process the refund.

If we cannot provide the replacement for accounts having problems, we will send the refund. You're totally protected. :-)

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