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What IP addresses you should use for Google accounts


First, we would like to remind you that all login attempts should be done using a proxy server or a clean home IP address, but not in a spam database! (IT IS IMPORTANT)

So, first, let's look at the worst version of trying to sign into the Google account that you most likely encountered.




If, when trying to enter, you see such a tablet where there is no field for entering a mobile phone number or other data (such as email), it seems that this account is banned because of bad IP usage! Let's try to figure out what's wrong and how to log into the account correctly.

The fact is that these are the consequences of using a bad ip address, which is most likely a spam database.


How to check whether ip is listed in spam databases?

There are 2 verification options!


Option 1) Go to the site https://myip.ms and just see the result of the test.


Example: ip is a spam database. There will be such an inscription “Listed in Blacklist”



Example: ip is not a spam database. There will be such an inscription “Not Listed in Blacklist”


Option 2) Go to the site https://2ip.ru/spam in the corresponding window enter your ip and click the "Check" button

Look at the examples of options for the development of events:



The inscription "NOT LISTED" indicates that ip does not consist of spam databases. Ideally, all columns should be "NOT LISTED"” With this ip can work!




The inscription “LISTED” says that ip is in spam databases. If there is at least one such inscription that it is better with such a ip DO NOT WORK!


OK! Let's imagine that you have a clean ip, which is not in the spam databases.

How then will the login look like?

Like this:



The inscription "Specify a backup phone number" indicates that you have a good ip and you can only log into your account after entering the phone itself, which is in the account format.


** And also, in the format of some accounts, there can be an email.

You can also enter it as a confirmation of your account login. Our main goal is to get this window for data input, and enter them. Instead of accepting the sms-code.


What to do if after changing the ip address does not work, and still does not give a sign to enter the numbers of the phone or email?

You need to close the tab, clear the cookie, cache.

After these steps, open a new tab in the browser and it should look like this:



And then we enter the mobile phone number and then go to your account.

And also, you can try to go through the latest versions of browsers such as FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

It happens that the problem is in your browser, it's outdated or google does not want to let you from a specific browser. Just try different browsers.

If this does not help, then the problem in your ip.

OK! Let's show how the really bad accounts look like they are blocked..

We change these accounts to work.




Unfortunately, and it happens, some accounts go to lockout just like that. But this is a very small percentage.

In other cases, if there are no such errors, then the account is considered working and it is possible to enter it! The whole problem is in your ip addresses.


ОК! Let's look at the very essence! Why do ip fall into spam databases? And how to get rid of it?

For example:

You use a proxy package consisting of 100 or more proxies, which is often offered at a low price. In such packages, usually a lot of buyers use the same proxy as you. It turns out that someone can come in from a certain ip and start doing "black cases" here, such as spam mails and other forbidden activities.

The administration of social networks sees this and this IP is automatically put on the blacklist, robots spam filters. It turns out that someone spoils the reputation of ip addresses, and others suffer. That's why you need to use the proxy only "Private" in 1 hand. That is, you have access only and no one else!


This applies to other methods of work, such as:

- VPN service is not private.

- Using free proxy.

- Use of free wi-fi access points in the Internet in public places.

The very essence is that if someone has already worked and with something bad done on some specific ip, then you can hook this ip the next time you connect and then you will not be able to log into your account and work stably.

And as it relates to the mobile Internet and home Internet, where the dynamic ip and with each connection produces a new ip.

Here, of course, the chance is small for stumbling onto a bad ip

It is necessary to try to change to good.

For example:

Your neighbor using the same Internet provider that you used ip and was engaged in spamming emails in bulk. This ip is likely to get into the spam database. And the next time you connect the Internet, if you have a dynamic ip, you can get the same ip.

Let us examine in detail what ip consists of:

188.45 - This is the provider's own sub-network. These figures do not change!

175.211 - The last two values in the ip address or one, usually with dynamic ip these numbers change. And each subscriber is generated each time different numbers at the end.

But it can happen that this ip already had someone in use.



That is why at the moment, the most preferable solution to all the problems with logging into accounts is to buy a proxy qualitative and a private one in 1 hand. Where will be the owner only you! Here the main thing is not to be impudent and use your accounts carefully!

For example:

- Use no more than 1 ~ 3 accounts per ip address.

- Do not do the same massive action! Such as the dispatch of letters without specific intervals.

- To make humanlike actions: to put on likes, join communities, respond to messages, and so on ...

All this must be done with the mind! Do not do a lot of actions and attempts to log into accounts from one ip. In this case, you can keep the purity and order on the ip address and do not drive it into spam databases.

We highly recommend buying only the ipv4 version of the proxy.

Private ipv4 proxy on average costs from 1.5 $ to 3 $ for 1 pc.

Ipv6 proxy of course at times cheaper, but we would not advise working with them.

Starting in March 2017, social networks such as Vkontakte, Yandex, Google have already begun to introduce stringent preventive measures for using the ipv6 proxy version. Because of the small price they were taken in bulk. And massively made spam mailing. Naturally, no social network like this ...

And what is the difference between ipv6 and ipv4 proxy version?

Only that some sites do not yet support the version of ipv6, and that many social networks began to monitor the use of ipv6.

So if you do not know what's the matter. It's better to buy the ipv4 version right away!

Where to buy high-quality proxies?

At the moment our suppliers use these proxy services:

1) https://goo.gl/yE1JeN (There is a translation into the English language site)

2) https://goo.gl/6QXIKx

3) https://goo.gl/OgsfnU


* We are not affiliated with these proxy services. If you have any questions, you should resolve them directly with proxy provider.

*** If in some of the services there is an ip which already stands in the spam database, then safely ask for a replacement in tech support for a clean ip.

Although, as practice shows, such cases are rather rare.

Thank you for reading this article. We wish you success in your work!

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