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How to Use Many Accounts From a Single PC Without Being Locked


There are many cases when you need accounts. SMM, affiliate marketing, just a simple desire to be anonymous - that's why we are still working to sell them for you. :)

One of the most popular questions that we receive almost every day - how to prevent my accounts from lock? It is not so easy and obvious, but we will try to explain.

Most services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc) use Browser Fingerprint technology. What does it mean? Every time you login to Facebook, your browser passes many unique parameters, related to your computer. For example, browser model and version, monitor resolution, system time zone, and many others. They collect the entire set and use it like a fingerprint. So next time you enter, you won't get any captchas, or requests to upload a selfie and so on. Even if you travel abroad with your laptop, you will always be able to log in to social networks, despite your IP address changes. Facebook just compares the browser fingerprint (they don't even need IP address for that) and ensures you are the same person who entered their site before.

What does it mean for you? It means that you will always be detected if you are using the same browser. So if you login to multiple accounts from the same browser, Facebook will know that all these accounts belong to the same person. And if they decide to lock a single account of these, they will lock all of them. Just because they know they are yours. So, even if you delete cookies and cache, you will still be detected. You can change your monitor resolution - this will help a bit. Or change the clok on your computer. But you will have to do this each time you log in the respective profile. More than that, you will have to remember, what parameteres were used for each account and set them each time...

Of course, you can use multiple browsers. 1 Browser per account... but if you have 20 accounts? Will you find 20 different browsers? Note, that this is not about proxies or VPN - they are also necessary if you want your accounts to be alive. It's not that easy.

But the solution still exists. In order to use a large number of accounts with different user parameters, GoLogin antidetection browser is needed.


This service allows you to configure all user parameters so that accounts will not be blocked. There is both a software version and a web version, and the pricing policy can be called the most affordable on the market. The monthly subscription price depends on the number of available profiles. A free 7-day trial is also available



To use GoLogin, you must register an account and log in. Next, we create a new profile. Enter proxies that match the country of account registration. GoLogin provides its free proxies, in order to use them you need to select the GoLogin Proxy Service. After that, all settings such as user's time zone, location, WebRTC will be configured according to the proxy automatically. We save the settings and run the profile.



Antidetect browser will open a start page with connection details to test how websites see us. Next, go to the desired service and log in through the purchased account. After that, you can start working without fear of being banned, because the sites will see that you are entering from the same device, which does not overlap with others.


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